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Matrimonial Investigation Services

matrimonial investigatons Matrimonial Investigations are an important contract in modern day life. It can change the whole course of your life. Why not be attentive and know facts before hand before you get married. We carry out extensive and intensive private investigations about the boy/girl.

Sharp Detectives Private Limited has been undertaking Matrimonial Investigation Assignments, since the last 31 years, at a very high success rate. This dimension of our services is more focused as our social commitment, than of a major business interest. Like everybody else we also want to believe that marriages are made in heaven, but being Professional Investigators, we will recommend thorough investigations to ensure that the marriages remains that way.

It is a misnomer that the Matrimonial Investigation Assignments are very expensive. Please do not hesitate to contact us, for any advice and help on any of the subjects.

Why Matrimonial Investigations?

Thousands of such cases have been undertaken by us in the past. Statistics reveal that 50% of information, given prior to the marriages is false. These statistics can be more, when bad luck puts one up with unscrupulous & wicked people, who are interested in just getting married by hook or crook because, once the marriage is solemnized, one has to tolerate the same Spouse for the rest of their lives. The "CHARACTER” (which consists of 20 factors) of the "Spouse to be ", needs to be checked thoroughly before tying the knot. Investigating the prospective bride / groom's current and where ever possible past relationship will go a long way in making a sensible decision about performing the marriage. Also concealed previous Marriage / Divorce will create havoc in the married life, but any prior information if thrown up by pre-marital investigation, can save a lot of harassment and litigations. Many an individual’s & families are highly litigants by nature & have criminal bent of mind to the extent of actually being criminals which information if comes to be known is money well spent on pre-marital investigation.

The Education, Financial and Family details given may be far from the truth, which might lead to financial and social traumas and an anguished, horrible life, with a seemingly innocent "Spouse to be ". Information like, Education Qualifications, Employment, Business, Financial status, Family Background, Social status and Habits like Drugs, Drinking, Smoking, Gambling, Criminal Record, Flirting, Sexual preferences etc, can be source of major financial stress besides having a far reaching psychological impact on both the addict and partner. Knowledge of these addictions is a must prior to taking any decision about the marriage.

The fertility of the woman and the potency of the man (libido level), is the ultimate bliss of a married life. Statistical facts reveal that 25% of the marriages are incompatible, because of this factor, due to which innumerable number of divorce and other socio-psychological problems haunt one for the rest of the life. Qualified Doctors, Pathologists, Psychologists, Graphologists, Face Analysts, and other Experts on Character Analysis, who can unravel most of these anomalies, are on our panel, to clear this doubt. Mental compatibility, of the "Spouse to be " and temperamental attitudes, like temper, hobbies, religious affinities, extrovert / introvert attitude etc., need to be known as these helps in assessing the mental and psychological compatibility with the "Spouse to be " and their near and dear ones, which can avoid colossal trauma, violence etc., which at times ends up in physical harassment, brutal beatings and even burning & murders etc.

There are numerous cases where the Spouses, before the marriage, have physical & mental relationship with someone else, but due to many a reason gets married elsewhere. Sometimes, this relationship continues even after marriage and on being detected, the marriage sails through rough weather and mostly sinks. When detected by the spouse and during the subsequent life span one feels cheated, anguished and thus spends a miserable life thereafter. We investigate and analyze these matters, thus avoiding the traumas by our in-depth investigations.

Pre & Post Divorce Data Collections

GOD FORBID, but sometimes it becomes impossible to live under the same roof with the Spouse, which culminates into separation, court cases & other related matter multiplies and complexes family problems. Thus, they need our assistance, to procure and produce documentary and material evidence, which will stand good in the Court of Law.

The agony might not end with the divorce. There are matters related to children, payments towards alimony, shares in property, curiosity to know the future plans and actions of the ex-spouse, well being of those whom one has loved so dearly in the past etc., are a few of the many reasons why they need our help.

Marital Infidelity Investigations

After the marriage and the hope of living happily thereafter, there can still be far too many reasons as to why one becomes a victim of circumstances or willingly turns to extra marital infidelity. When there are doubts or sufficient reasons to believe so, the spouse feels betrayed, we clear such doubts. These operations are executed through our associates, agents and informers, who are extremely well inter knit and coordinated with each other, throughout the Country.

Legal Assistance

We have a panel of fully vetted, experienced, high qualified, civil and criminal advocates, having a very good past track record of handling these "peace of mind " cases for our clients. We continuously monitor and coordinate with them at various stages of these cases and even attend the courts during the hearing, constantly advising and supporting them. Our Advocates leave no stone unturned to ensure successful Judgments in the favor of our Clients. The Investigative aspects of these cases are assisted by us. We also assist and perform the duties of being guardians of spouses and children living far away, also reporting about families of broken homes, Pre & Post martial Information etc.

Marriage Security Management

We provide a "Total Security Support and Cover" to our clients during the entire episode of solemnization of the Marriage Ceremonies, by providing Security Guards & Gunmen smartly dressed in Uniforms & plain clothes and by deploying undercover agents so as to build a "Security Web" to prevent any untoward incidents and reinforce the sense of safety and an impressive performance of the marriage ceremony.

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